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DsiN-Digitalführerschein (DiFü)

How it works

1. Assess your knowledge

Are you unsure which level is right for you? Use the quick assessment tool to receive a level recommendation instantly.

The quick assessment tool will be offered in English as soon as more levels have been translated.

2. Take the DiFü course

The German DiFü course is available in three levels. The course consists of six topic areas and a topic exam (or partial exam). Each topic consists of multiple learning units.

The three levels are available in two versions – a business context and a private context. The course material focuses on private or professional aspects of digital life accordingly.

We currently offer Level 1 for a business context in English.

Ein Startpunkt und ein Zielpunkt, die durch eine gestrichelte Linie verbunden sind.

3. Receive a certificate

You will receive a PDF certificate if you have either successfully completed all partial exams (according to each of the six topics) or the final overall examination. We recommend that you complete the course material in order to prepare for the exams. However, you can also take an exam independently.